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 Work contents - 業務内容
Lighting Consultant 照明コンサルタント

1. Lighting concept plans
To create a basic lighting plan based on the theme or concept of an interior design or architectural design.
To assist with recommendations about illuminance, color temperature, color rendering and presentation effects with proposal for the basic lighting plan.

2. Design development
To prepare documents for the Client’s approval, which shall include lighting fixtures layout plan, lighting schedule, lighting fixtures specifications list, circuitry plan, and dimming program.

3. Tender assessment
To analyze submitted tender contents/documents and tender interview. Assessment is provided based on data and samples submitted.

4. Construction supervision
To check final drawings submitted by the contractors or suppliers.
Supervision of the installation of lighting fixtures and architectural lighting

5. Commissioning
Upon completion of construction works including interior decoration and furniture setting, fine adjustment is made on lighting aiming and dimming of respective scenes.  

1. コンセプト照明計画

2. 実施照明計画

3. 入札評価

4. 施工監理

5. フォーカシング、調光調整

Lighting site management consultant at Hong Kong 照明施工監理コンサルタント

● As the lighting consultant, to provide the normal scope of works stated in the above points #3~5 or #4~5 within Hong Kong. We will carry out our works based on the intentions of the original lighting designer.

If necessary, we will assist to modify the original specs to cater to the specs of the Hong Kong market.

● 上記の通常照明コンサルタント業務の3,4,5もしくは4,5の業務を香港にて行うものです。


Lighting fixture design 照明器具デザイン
● We can provide designs for chandeliers or any other type of decorative lighting fixture to cater to your request. ● シャンデリアなどのデコラティブな照明器具のデザインを行います。
Development of lighting fixtures 照明器具開発
● We can assist with the designing of original spotlights or other technical lighting. ● オリジナルのスポットライトや演出照明などテクニカルライティングの設計開発協力を行います。
Evaluation of Existing Lighting environment 照明環境診断
● We can evaluate and make recommendations for improvements on your lighting environment at your store, office, or factory. ● 店舗やオフィス、工場などの照明環境の評価や改善の提案を行います。